Featured Mixed Use / Multifamily Projects

Saltwood North and Saltwood South

Saltwood North is a mixed use retail and residential building located in Portland’s bustling Slabtown neighborhood. It is a 6 story, 177 apartment building, with ground level retail space and 2 garage levels.

In this Design/Build project, American Heating provided an effective and energy efficient HVAC design and installed over 170 state of the art Fan Coil units in the building allowing responsive and accurate temperature control for every resident in the building. Our rooftop condenser racks were designed and fabricated by our talented team members to provide structurally sound, and aesthetically appealing frames for our 170+ condensing units.

Saltwood South is similar in scope and construction to Saltwood North, and we were contracted for the design and installation of the various HVAC equipment and systems throughout the building.